Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tips For Sturgis!

These tips are just common sense to most riders, but some riders act like they have something to prove by hot-dogging it and violating motor vehicle laws as they feel like it. Use common sense. It is hard enough for bikers not to get run over by a cage, we don't need bikers killing themselves or each other by being unsafe

Some More Useful Tips 
  • Don't Drink & Ride. Every year people die at the Rally, many due to alcohol-related crashes. Stay sober, and stay safe. 
  • If you've never ridden in the Black Hills, prepare to see deer, buffalo and more. Also be prepared to stop for them, as animal encounters are common. Constantly scan the road for wildlife.
  • Before you go, have your bike tuned up by a mechanic. You can also conduct a T-CLOCS inspection and check your bike's suspension. 
  • Weather can be wild, ranging from intense heat and humidity to thunderstorms Pack raingear and breathable clothing that dries easily. 
  • Roads are packed during the Rally. Drive slower than normal to account from traffic and sudden stops. 
  • Don't forget your safety gear. A helmet, leathers, and boots can save your life. 
  • Get traveler info to plot your rest stops and check for road construction. You can also pre-plan your rides using interactive riding maps. 
  • Take time for the sights, The Black Hills offer scenic rides near Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave National Park and more. 
  • Invest in a working bike lock and bags specifically designed for motorcycle. 
  • Watch for the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety.
  • Pay attention to your riding and watch out for the other guy who isn't. 
  • Do not overtake or pass another motorcycle in the same lane. This is against the law in SD. 
  • If you are an inexperienced rider from the flatlands, park your bike in Sturgis and leave it there. The winding roads in the Black Hills are not the place to learn how to ride, especially during the rally. 
  • Do not feed the buffalo in Custer State Park. Do not go near them, they are wild and dangerous. They will not think twice about sticking their horns up your rear end and tossing you and your bike 30 ft. through the air. They live there, you don't. Keep the heel away from them! 
  • While in Sturgis pay attention to the signs that say NO PARKING and the curbs that are painted yellow. If you park by these your bike will be towed and your dumb ass walking to the police station to get directions to the impound yard. This can cut into your fun money. 
  • Don't go deer hunting while at the rally. Don't ride at night in the Black Hills unless you have to. There are about 50 deer per square mile in those mountains, and they like to stand in the road after dark. Do not exceed 45 mph at night.
  • On your day trips to Hill City, Custer, Keystone, and Deadwood notice all of the people drinking in the bars. These people will be getting on their motorcycles to ride nack to the campground or motel.
  • If you are in an accident the first thing you will be asked (if you are still alive) is: have you been drinking?
  • Lane splitting is illegal in SD.
  • Don't ride two abreast. This is Legal in SD, but Dangerous. Don't do it! 
  • Don't exceed the posted speed limit ( or the suggested speed limit on curves)
  • Don't pass in a no passing zone. Maybe solid yellow stripes down the middle of the road mean something different in another state, but in SD it means no passing. 
Following these tips are meant to enhance your experience at Sturgis, so you are not contributing to the extremely high death rate in SD during the Sturgis Rally.

Monday, July 27, 2015

How To Turn A Motorcycle PROPERLY

How To Turn Your Motorcycle Properly

  There was another accident this weekend involving a 27 year old Motorcyclist that went over the double line in a curve and hit a truck. Truly unfortunate for his loss. Our hearts go out to him and his family.

The following video contains great information on how to steer correctly using the push pull method or counter steering method. Many riders, both new and experienced, do not know how to steer properly. Watch this video, you may learn something that may save your life. Please share this with your friends.

 How to turn a motorcycle properly.