Friday, April 8, 2016

Shop Local

This has become very prudent even in our industry, where tires are being given away dirt cheap but then who is left warrantying someone else's product purchase? 

Just remember when you shop local you're putting the money back into not only your own community but you're helping a family or two that relies on the work they receive from their "local" place of employment, or their very own store/shop! 

We understand life is financially straining for many right now, but understand we at Motorcycle Enhancements will always do our best to help you out at our most reasonable price!

Don't forget when you shop local, it typically comes with Customer Service, and that alone can be worth it's weight in gold these days when customer service skills are seemingly lacking and fleeting in so many major corporate chains. 

We care and any good service provider does, they take pride in their work and offer their best to each and every client that walks through their door! Keep this standard in mind when you're shopping around for the very best price, on all your product needs.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Good, Cheap, Fast

Ran across this earlier today and had to share it, we have been preaching this concept for years and now we have the sign to share to share it! Enjoy!